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I am Berenice Smith and I run Hello Lovely, a trusted design service that can scale up or down to suit your project using trusted teams.

I believe that every product or service deserves great graphic design. Good quality, creative design inspires trust and engagement from your clients. It makes customers, users and employees feel valued. Imagine a wonderful book cover that stands out on Amazon for all the best reasons, a concise branding strategy with classic typography that supports your entire business, making you proud to deliver your work.

Original design shows investment but it doesn't have to be an expensive outlay. I can help you to save costs through my experience, finding out about your business through my collaborative briefing technique and offer you a unique solution.






    Why use Hello Lovely? I have undergraduate degrees in English Literature and Graphic Communications. I also hold a Masters in Graphic Design and Typography from the Cambridge School of Art so you can tell that design really is my passion! I have trained with Transmedia, UX Academy and Interaction plus twenty years hands-on design experience.

    I also coach, deliver talks on and provide:

    • book publishing
    • social design
    • branding

    I have worked with The Teenage Cancer Trust, United Parcel Service, BBC, Cambridge County Council, United Business Media, Pearson Education, McGraw Hill, Cambridge University Press and independent publishers along with many brilliant small businesses. Whatever size your business, the type of service or field you work in, it's my business to make yours look lovely.

    I love to problem solve and I am happy to discuss your design dilemmas and concerns. You may find some answers on my free advice section but if not, please do get in touch.

    I offer a free one hour consultation by Skype or email, or if you're near to me in Cambridge let's get a coffee. This aims to problem solve and to see if we'd like to work together too.



    I am also a print maker, using a range of techniques in mono print work including lino printing, lithography and etching.


    unique services


    BRANDING and logo design

    Clients are more likely to buy from you if your branding and logo inspires trust. Your logo should always match or surpass the product or service that you sell. A brand provides you with clarity over your business and enables consistency, relieving the headache of managing social media and making it easier to run your business and brief suppliers. Hello Lovely can offer flexible prices to suit all sizes of business and all types of services. We never use a template or a kit, your design is created for your work,

    BOOK Design

    If you are an author and you've written, or started to write, your book - congratulations! Your cover and the page furniture (typography, page numbers, prelims and endlims) all contribute to the sales of your book and technically correct files mean your work goes straight to delivery with no extra costs through poor file supply. A professional cover that looks great in print and striking as a thumbnail on Amazon is important to your reputation too. Take your design seriously and your reader will trust the content. Working with authors including Doctor Who author, Matt Langley and for leading UK publishers gives me the experience required to create a cover completely unique to your title. I also work with independent publishers on freelance contracts.

    Without Berenice’s professional eye for detail, imagination and extensive knowledge of the publishing industry, Ink Pantry wouldn’t have happened. Five years down the line and people still compliment us on our book cover designs. Highly recommended.
    — Deborah Edgeley, Ink Pantry

    book coaching

    Working with you or your team onsite or through remote coaching on the best way to bring your book to life and helping you to avoid expensive mistakes and time delays. Advising on all aspects of book production from software, print, ebook platforms, page planning, artwork buying and photo research - even the book launch.


    UI and website design

    Custom built website design, integrated with databases or simply a UI appraisal. A great website should inform and inspire your customers. For your part, it should easy to update and represent your work and your branding. Squarespace and WordPress are all covered at Hello Lovely.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute working with Berenice. She’s incredibly experienced and professional and her friendly and personalised approach worked so well throughout the process of working together to create a new logo and a brand for my photography business. She’s methodical and thorough with her approach going beyond expectations to deliver high-quality work. I highly recommend Berenice and look forward to working with her in the future.
    — Jemima Willcox, photographer

    promotional material

    High quality finishes with attention to print quality and typography and the content are all key factors in delivering a big message on a small space be that an email communication, leaflet or annual report. I have over twenty years practice in making the best of a small space from business cards to innovative product Top Trump cards. I can handle multiple page documents, having run the design studio for weekly and monthly magazines working to newsstand deadlines, employing templates, careful scheduling and page planning to get the best results in a short time. These skills are critical in any area of design. I understand why the deadline can't be moved!

    Berenice is a creative designer who has a good understanding of customer needs and knows how to bring the best out of people. She has a delightful, bubbly personality which makes working with her fun. She is also extremely conscientious and trustworthy. If she says she will do something, she does it well and on time.
    — Nahla El Geyoushi, Publisher

    Photography, interviews and design for Hidden Disability week, a campaign run by leading disability charities



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