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Good design means sales and a better business

In the past, we've been of the mindset that human intervention by a sales person is the conversion tool. A relationship was required to make a person buy that ad space, book the stand at the event or take out a subscription. With the emphasis now online tools to buy and book, design plays a critical part in converting browsers to customers. This week I'm reminded why and I'd like to share my observations with you. I hope it'll help you to apply good design to your website.

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Loving Squarespace sites but a bit scared about moving your data? I'm here to make it easier!

Squarespace is a beautiful thing but if you've been used to Wix, Weebly or WordPress, it can feel like a Big Scary Thing to move over to a different platform even if you know it makes sense. There's the time. Crikey - the site mapping. Yikes, - the learning!

Well, just like Miss Marple or better still, Scooby Doo, I'm here to make sense and take away your fears.

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Berenice Howard-Smith
Survive and thrive: 16 tips on building your business with design in mind #Microbizmattersday

I am a supporter of independent micro businesses as I run one myself and I challenged myself to give up large chains for an New Year challenge a few years back. I’m proud to be an #Indie25ER. Here are my tips to survive and thrive as a #Microbiz (with a lot of useful information about design!) 

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