A-Z of book publishing: illegal

Keeping legal and being on the right side of complicated copyright law is a continual worry for writers, publishers...  Anyone who creates original work or needs to obtain other work to complete the project such as images or text extracts should be aware of copyright but the laws around the world are all complex and vary from country to country. Here's a few tips.

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Berenice Howard-Smith
Squarespace or WordPress?

This debate reminds me of the Mac versus Windows arguments that still rage on the internet and in offices all over the world.  The short answer is that there isn't a right or wrong choice, in my opinion. Both have options that work better for some businesses and services and are excellent choices for website building. So here are my comparisons (the longer answer!) so you can decide if WordPress (WP) or Squarespace seems more suitable for you. If you'd like to explore them in more detail then do get in touch, I love to make websites accessible.

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Is cheap design worth the cost saving?

It's really tempting to go for something quick and easy when the pennies are tight, isn't it? Keeping an eye on cost saving is critical for a new business. I wanted to write about the ethics of low cost design and give you some background on how these sites work so you can decide if they are right for you. I’ll also explain why I don't offer my design services on these sites.

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