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Getting organised: top tips on planning a planner

Printed or online planners are a great idea to showcase your expertise in your subject. A planning book can show off tips on social media marketing, boost sales for an online course or help to support students or patients on courses in any subject. It’s about this time of year when you need to think about the content and design of your course and how you might deliver this. I have worked on planners and calendars in agencies for many years and have seen many problems, so here are my top tips.

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Berenice Howard-Smith
Why Design Thinking affects every product or service.

Design thinking puts the customer at the heart of a process. It can be applied to the design of a book cover, navigating the inside text pages, or branding, websites and the development of a new project or service. The term was developed in start-ups and companies looking at lean developments but it can be used in any size of business. What does it mean in real life?

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Happy Business Birthday Hello Lovely

On the 3rd April last year I began a change of working life. I left the security of a full-time job and began to look at using my design experience and education in a different way. During this year, I have been invited to speak at events, worked on a salon rebranding and worked on a range of exciting projects. I have always been focused on two things: quality and trust. I have stayed true to this goal throughout the first year of business. Here's my ten lessons learned...

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How to resist seduction by colour and a free download

Today I was buying batteries for my iMac mouse. As I stood looking at the display it dawned on me how colourful the packaging is... yes, this is often how I shop! Some are blue, a soothing shade and thus a popular choice. Others are red for power and Energizer, the brand I bought is green and yellow. We can all be seduced by colour, how important is it to you?

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Good design means sales and a better business

In the past, we've been of the mindset that human intervention by a sales person is the conversion tool. A relationship was required to make a person buy that ad space, book the stand at the event or take out a subscription. With the emphasis now online tools to buy and book, design plays a critical part in converting browsers to customers. This week I'm reminded why and I'd like to share my observations with you. I hope it'll help you to apply good design to your website.

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