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The planet friendly creative. 

I fess up, I struggled with a G because I thought of galley proofs but these environmentally unfriendly, tree eating ways of proofing are mostly confined to the past as designers and printers look at online proofing for speed and to be green. And that thought made me think of going green! Not like Kermit or changing your book cover to Pantone 381 (a personal favourite) but by adopting planet friendly publishing and design. This year I have set myself the challenge of never buying a new book to reduce my carbon footprint and here are my thoughts on being a planet-friendly creative because this applies to everyone.

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Does 'England' need a rebrand?

Does the brand 'England' promote a trusted, excited country that's reliable? That's a huge ask for any country in this turbulent time but to be trusted, one has to be open to change and influence, and it's debatable if Brexit or the subsequent negotiations have helped to promote a trusted country. Regardless of which way you or I voted, managing the 'use of design, advertising, marketing, service proposition, corporate culture..' has been sadly lacking.

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A-Z of book publishing: finishing

Once the book has been printed or formatted and you have celebrated your wonderful achievement, there are copies to be sold. If you've done the right thing and got a designer to provide a striking cover design then you're on the way, but the most beautiful design won't sell you copies by itself. So how can you raise the game and be your own sales team if you're as introverted as me?

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Would you like to save money on design without compromising on quality?

My June newsletter is going out on 1st of the month and there's a special offer on branding that will save you £100, plus news of my latest award and useful advice on Brand Ideals. If you'd like to get top tips delivered to your inbox on the first of each month, along with offers for my subscribers then just sign up for my newsletter.

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A-Z of book publishing: designing a cover

I have had some great responses to this A-Z series, especially about book covers and I thought I'd share this post from September when I talked about the anatomy of a book cover. The image in this post is a really useful explanation of each part of a book. This title has now gone to press and has generated £4,000 of sales for this fledgeling publishing cooperative…

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A-Z of book publishing: design

Designers can provide more than just visuals for your book. We can also offer other elements to support new authors and publishers in their business by knowing about print, the ePublishing process, promotional material and websites. Without question, authors and publishers will come up against one or two if not all four of these areas on their journey from manuscript to publication. Always employ an experienced publishing designer as books and publishing require different technical and visual skills than you'd find in web design. Some designer have the experience in both, as I have, and can offer a full service or elements of it. Here are my tops tips on getting the best for your budget and from your designer.

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Top tips for consistent branding on social media (and a free workshop with Drive The Network)

Once you've taken delivery of your branding package, it's really important to make sure that you are getting the maximum impact from your image use. Why? Your literature and communications work best for your business when they are consistent with your company's established image and increase your audience through trust and familiarity. Here are my top tips.

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