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Two great partnerships...

Libre Franklin & Libre Baskerville

It’s great to use fonts from the same designer or font library. Both of these were created by typeface designer Pablo Impallari and specifically for use on a screen. Libre Baskerville reads well and Libre Franklin contains an impressive nine weights (weights is the collective term for bold, light, roman etc) which make it versatile as a headline face. Use this for a contemporary take on traditional typesetting.

 Trirong & Rubik

Rubik has a lovely geometric feel and shouldn’t really work as body text but it does very well. Google offers up normal, italic, bold and bold italic styles so it’s great for marketing material and business stationery or short extracts on a web page. Trirong has similar geometric propotions (always a great tip when pairing fonts, look at the font width) with a vertical axis and wide proportions, so it feels like a natural pair Rubik.